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eXact ECO-CHECK Meter Kit

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Photometer System kit for quick and simple pond water monitoring!

Perfect for Environmental Testing and Aquaculture Monitoring

The new eXact® Eco-Check Advanced dual wavelength photometer from Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS) is the perfect meter for all your water quality testing needs. It tests important environmental parameters with lab-quality accuracy at minimal cost. It features a narrow band wavelength filter for improved accuracy; long-life LEDs and a built-in cell for ultra-performance. No visual color matching required means the eXact® Eco-Check takes the guesswork out of water testing.


  • Direct read (11) parameters: Total Alkalinity, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammonia, Total Hardness, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH in Fresh Water, Phosphate, Copper, Chloride (Salt) pH in Salt Water
  • Easy to use eXact® Strip/Photometer reagent delivery system (U.S. Patent #7,333,194) delivers reagents safely without the need to count drops or crush tablets.
  • Dual wavelength photometer the eXact® Eco-Check uses high quality 525nm and 638nm reagents. 
  • 0.01 ppm (mg/L) precision with no visual color matching required
  • Built-in, permanent cell (no loose glass or plastic cells; simply fill or dip into water)
  • Automatic countdown timer
  • Incorporates EZ-3 Simplied Testing Method, Fill, Dip & Read                                 
  • No-slip grip housing
  • Lightweight (weighs only 6 oz with batteries installed)
  • Waterproof meter (IP-67) & floats
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Environmentally friendly                                 
  • Proprietary optics                                                           
  • CE certification
  • 2 - year warranty with satisfaction guarantee


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