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There are many reasons why Koi fish are so popular. To their striking scales and colors, to their kind demeanor, they are the fish of choice for many. If you are looking for baby koi fish, check out the wide selection at Kloubec Koi today!

Are you looking for affordable Koi for sale? Kloubec Koi has you covered. Shopping for baby koi fish or small Koi online is quick and easy, and allows you to get the healthiest and most vibrant Koi sent right to your door. Koi fish has long been a sought-after pet for many. From their interaction with their human caretakers to their vibrant and striking colors, they are an ideal choice! 

At Kloubec Koi, we provide our customers with the highest-quality Koi fish. We take great pride in how we raise our Koi, using the latest and greatest methods, providing you with Koi that will last decades.

Why Buy From Us? 

Kloubec Koi Farm is North America’s premier breeder of beautiful and healthy, quality koi fish for sale. We offer many small koi and baby koi for sale on our website store. Every koi listing features a fish that was hatched and raised on our 80 acre koi farm from high-class imported Japanese parent stock.

Many varieties are available as small koi and baby koi including Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Kumonryu, Asagi, Shusui, and more. We also offer unusual and rare varieties like Kin Showa, Akame Kigoi, Midorigoi and Kikokuryu. Also you may find Doitsu and Butterfly koi on the Small Koi and baby koi for sale pages.

Save on shipping costs by purchasing multiple small koi and baby koi. Up to twenty (20) small koi and baby koi will comfortably fit into our insulated shipping box. Every koi shipment will include easy step-by-step instructions for new fish acclimation. To insure optimal health, all Kloubec Koi are shipped by overnight air service right to your door. And, delivery is guaranteed!

Each listing is for one individual koi as pictured.

We take great care and commitment to ensure that each Koi fish is healthy and vibrant. We have strict guidelines that each fish must meet before we send them to the customer, and decades of experience in the industry. 

We raise our Koi in mud ponds and in cold weather climates, allowing them to grow strong. Furthermore, as soon as our Koi are brought in from the mud pond, they are treated and quarantined, providing you with healthy and happy Koi.

We’re also the largest Koi farm in the USA, and take great pride in delivering the absolute best for our customers. 


1.) How much is a small koi fish?

  • Small koi fish or Baby Koi fish for sale can be relatively inexpensive. Depending on the lineage of the parent koi you could expect to pay $15 each, and up to $150. Evaluating the quality and pattern will also be considered when pricing small koi fish for sale.

2.) What koi fish stay small?

  • Generally, koi fish do not stay small for very long. Baby koi can easily outgrow an aquarium or tank habitat. When koi are overcrowded in a small environment, they may become stunted and remain small in size.

3.) Can koi fish live in 2 feet aquarium?

  • Koi can live in a 2 foot aquarium if adequate filtration, aeration, and food is provided. Often koi fish for sale are held in aquariums at retail locations. Koi are native river fish and are best kept in outdoor ponds.

4.) Can koi fish live with other fish?

  • Yes, koi fish can live with other fish. Koi are not territorial or aggressive towards other fish.

5.) What is the smallest koi fish?

  • The smallest koi fish would be when it is in a larval stage. At this point, considered ‘fry’ the baby koi fish are the size of mosquito larvae. Typically the smallest koi fish for sale is 4” in length. 

6.) How can you tell the difference between a koi fish and a goldfish fry?

  • You would need a microscope or magnifying glass to tell the difference between a koi fish and a goldfish fry. Both types are very similar in size. Generally, koi fry are longer in length than goldfish fry, and goldfish fry are deeper bodied than koi fry. 


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