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Kloubec Koi Farm has many helpful and knowledgeable employees. We're always anxious to talk with customers and meet their needs, big or small.  Feel free to give us a call, we'd be glad to help.






Myron has been in aquaculture his entire life. He is the backbone of the farm. Myron can make anything and DO anything. He & Ellen are the main Koi BreedersKoi health is his first priority.




Nicholas has been in aquaculture all of his life, too. He grew up on the Koi farm and is an integral part of the business. Nick is our main contact person for all of the wholesale accounts. Building mud-ponds with the BIG equipment is one of his favorite jobs!

Yellow Sub





The Yellow Sub is our on-site PR Koi. Everyone who visits the farm remembers her. She's good looking, loving and will take fish food from anyone. She has fans far and wide. They drop by just to let Yellow Sub eat out of their hand, or suck their toes! And she gives great kisses!


Ellen loves all things KOI! She is the "right-hand-man" during spawning season, and enjoys every minute of it.  She selects each breeding pair from  the Kloubec  breeding stock. The online Koi Store is one of Ellen's main focuses. Ellen loves to meet Koi hobbyists at the Koi Shows.







When the phone rings at Kloubec Koi Farm it's Sandra's pleasant voice that greets the caller.  Getting orders out as quickly as possible is one of her top priorities.   Holly joined the Kloubec team in 2009. She works with wholesale accounts and is great with customer service.  She enjoys working with the website. Her design background is a real asset, you'll notice her touch on the Kloubec website, ads, and mailers.




Britton Kloubec


Tom is Kloubec's behind-the-scenes-guy. He takes care of everything that needs to be taken care of. Tom is our #1 Mr. Fix-It. His lifelong pipe-fitter experience makes Tom a perfect fit on the Koi farm. The grounds are his pride & joy.   Britton Nicolette Kloubec, our granddaughter, is the newest member of our team.  She is affectionately known as "Baby Boss", and at just three years old, she can already correctly identify 6 varieties of koi.  She loves to help her grandpa, (Geda) feed and care for the koi.   






Adam has been at the Koi farm for many years. He has the natural ability to sense what's up with the Koi. We all love it when Dottie  and   Penny "The Bulldogs" came to work with Adam.   Ivy is always on patrol, and rarely dry! She makes us aware when visitors arrive. She is involved in every aspect of Koi keeping. She is usually at Myron's side every minute of the day, and she is the best rock-fetcher and bullfrog catcher around!