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Meet The Staff

Myron Kloubec

Myron has been in aquaculture his entire life. He is the backbone of the farm. Myron can make anything and DO anything. He & Ellen are the main Koi Breeders. Koi health is his first priority.

Ellen Kloubec

Ellen loves all things KOI! She is the "right-hand-man" during spawning season, and enjoys every minute of it. She selects each breeding pair from the Kloubec breeding stock. The online Koi Store is one of Ellen's main focuses. Ellen loves to meet Koi hobbyists at the Koi Shows.

Nick Kloubec

Nicholas has been in aquaculture all of his life, too. He grew up on the Koi farm and is an integral part of the business. Nick is our main contact person for all of the wholesale accounts. Building mud-ponds with the BIG equipment is one of his favorite jobs!

Holly Kloubec

Holly joined the Kloubec team in 2009. She works with wholesale accounts and is great with customer service. She enjoys working with the website. Her design background is a real asset, you'll notice her touch on the Kloubec website, ads, and mailers.



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