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Kloubec Koi Food

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Platinum Koi Cuisine is the best koi food available. It is a perfect food for koi raised indoors or in outdoor ponds.  It is a 100% balanced diet for your pets. It contains color enhancers, stabilized vitamin C, and is full of the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep your koi healthy and beautiful. In addition, Platinum Koi Cuisine contains Primalac, a probiotic to aid digestion. Platinum Koi Cuisine is a nutritionally balanced food made exclusively for Kloubec Koi Farm and our customers. It is formulated to bring out the best in every koi and is the same great food we give to our Champions! This secret formulation was developed by Myron Kloubec and animal nutritionists to ensure that our Platinum Koi Cuisine is the very best koi food available. Koi simply LOVE the tasty floating morsels! If you want the best, then feed the best......... Platinum Koi Cuisine!   

We are proud to offer you the same koi food that was developed for use on our farm.  Kloubec Koi Food is available in an all weather formula.  We're confident you'll enjoy watching your koi thrive just like we do as the natural color enhancers help your treasured pets reach their full potential.  Rest assured, your koi will also be in optimum health because our koi food contains all the required vitamins & minerals and also Primalac, a probiotic which helps maintain optimum fish health.

Best of all, KOI LOVE IT!  

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