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Hikari Moyo

Hikari Moyo Koi (he-kah-ree moy-oh)

White Based, Multi-Colored Metallic Koi

Koi in the Hikari-Moyo group are very popular due to their sparkling platinum ground and abundance of pattern variations. They are koi with two metallic colors, Such as platinum and red. Like all koi in the Hikari groups, strong Hikari luster is essential. This is followed by bold, well defined patterns. Color patterns that are well balanced on the entire body are desirable. 

Hikari-Moyo comprises all shiny koi except the Hikari-Muji and Hikari Utsuri types. These are: Hariwake, Yamabuki Hariwake, Platinum Kohaku, Gin Bekko, and Kikisui. Those that have two metallic colors and sumi are: Kujaku, Doitsu Kujaku, Yamato Nishiki, Tora Ogon and Hariwake Matsuba. Also included in the Hiari Moyo class are metallic Shusui, which is called Kinsui, and the Shochikubai, a metallic Ai Goromo. 

kujakusub.jpg                            yamabukihariwakesub.jpg                           yamatonishikisub.jpg


kikisuisub.jpg                            doitsukujakusub.jpg                           hariwakesub.jpg 





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