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CHAGOI (chah-goy) 

Illustration is that of an ideal Chagoi. A Chagoi is known as the friendly koi. It is a single colored non-metallic brown koi. The color can vary from deep saffron to root beer and even shades of tea. Look for clean and consistent color. Chagoi is a variety that grows quite fast. It is in the Kawarigoi classification.

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Chagoi Koi are solid brown and are known for their friendly and calm demeanor. They are great for those who have large families and are very receptive to humans when they approach the pond. They are a joy to hand feed and are extremely easy to train, making them great pets. Due to their large appetites, they require a regular feeding schedule and grow very rapidly. 

In fact, the paler in color the Chagoi is, the more valuable it tends to be. Due to its large appetite, you can identify a healthy Chagoi by its hearty girth and rapid eating patterns. 

At Kloubec Koi Farm, we have plenty of healthy and happy Chagoi available for purchase. Add these friendly fish to your pond today!


Shop Chagoi Koi Fish Online Through Kloubec Koi Farm

Shopping for koi fish online can be difficult, depending on the type of fish you are looking to buy. However, Kloubec Koi makes it easier than ever to shop Chagoi koi for sale online, with our no hassle buying process and plenty of fish to choose from.

The koi fish hobby has grown immensely in recent years and continues to be a source of enjoyment for many. Koi fish are very responsive and loyal to humans and are a pleasure to be around. 

At Kloubec Koi, our specialty is providing the very best koi fish available, ensuring that they are shipped healthy and happy. Our Koi fish are farm-raised and are provided with healthy diets that allow them to be as healthy as possible.

With our roots in aquaculture, Kloubec Koi began producing fish over thirty years ago, later specializing primarily in Koi, as they were quite fond of the fish for their color and friendliness towards their owners. Our farm is located in the vast hills of eastern Iowa and includes a vast array of over 50 mud ponds. Raising our koi in mud farms provides a healthy environment where our koi can thrive. 

At Kloubec Koi, our fish are derived from Japan, making them some of the best bloodlines possible. Our team carefully selects only the best parent stock to give us some impressive breeding results. 

One of the hallmarks of a quality koi fish is having a hi(red) color, which exudes vitality. This, when combined with (black) exudes strength and stability. Our goal at Kloubec Koi is to provide the healthiest fish possible to the customer. All of our koi are locally sourced, preventing any concerns of contamination of stock. 

At Kloubec Koi, we take great pride in providing the very best koi fish possible, and sincerely care about our customers. When you shop Chagoi koi for sale online with Kloubec Koi, you can be confident you are getting the best fish possible, we guarantee it!


Why Buy Our Koi?

There are quite a few reasons to shop koi from us, including our $49 flat rate next day air shipping on koi, free shipping on select orders, and more! So, why shop at Kloubec Koi? Let’s check this out in more detail below:

• Quarantine Facilities: Our quarantine facilities provide the very best koi available. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, and designed from the optimal health of the koi. With 300,000 gallons of quarantine facilities, you can be sure that you are getting the best koi every time.

• We are the largest koi farm in the United States.

• Over four decades of experience

• We raise our koi in an ideal climate to ensure they live long and healthy lives.

• We only raise our koi in natural mud ponds with the highest quality of water, resembling those used in Japan.

• Our pond packs are some of the highest quality available online.


What is a Chagoi koi?
A Chagoi koi is a brown, non-metallic, single colored koi fish. It is one of the varieties in the Kawarigoi class. A Chagoi can range in color from light brown to reddish brown, and also shades of olive green color. 


Are all Chagoi friendly?
Most Chagoi are very friendly koi fish. Due to their friendly nature, the Chagoi easily train to hand-feed, which can lead to fast growth. 


How big do Chagoi koi get?
Chagoi koi fish can grow to a very big size. Chagoi can grow to length beyond 36” with adequate diet and pond space. Chagoi grow to a large girth as well as length. 


What do you look for in a Chagoi?
When evaluating a Chagoi Koi for sale be aware of the color. Although a Chagoi has just one color, that color is important. It should be a consistent brown color across the entire body, and free of pigment defects such as black or red spots. An outline of grey color on the scales of Chagoi is desirable and expected. 


How do I identify my Chagoi koi?
To identify your Chagoi koi, review its body color. A Chagoi is a single colored, non-metallic brown Koi. If your koi has a pattern or spots of a second color then you do not have a Chagoi. However, a white belly on Chagoi is normal and not considered a second color when judging Chagoi koi fish. 


What koi fish stay small?
Most koi fish do not stay small in size. Generally Koi can grow to over 20” in size. 


Do koi fish like to be petted?
Yes, some koi fish like to be petted. When a koi fish is well cared for and does not feel threatened it can be petted, especially if hand-feeding. 


Do koi fish recognize their owners?
Some people agree that koi fish recognize their owners. More likely a koi will recognize their owner as a source of food. 




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