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Hawaii Koi Shipments

All Hawaiian koi buyers must obtain an import permit as required by the State of Hawaii Department of
Agriculture. An import permit issued by the HDOA must accompany each koi shipment. Inclusion of a
HDOA import permit ensures quick passage through the department’s inspection process and release
for delivery to final destination.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Import Permit
1. Download the application, Form PQ-7, from this link:

2. Complete and submit the application (Form PQ-7) to HDOA. For assistance call (808)-832-0566

3. Forward a copy of your HDOA import permit to Kloubec Koi Farm at
Your Koi shipment will be scheduled for shipment after receiving a valid HDOA import permit.

Fees for importing Koi into Hawaii
Documentation/Handling filing fee: $25.00
Shipping Fee: $ 125.00

Sample of completed Hawaii application for your reference:



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