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Koromo Koi

Koromo Koi (cō-rō-mō)

White Koi with red markings that are outlined in blue or black

Koromo koi fish are sure to stand out in a Japanese koi pond or water garden because of its unusual colors. The Koromo are white koi fish with a Kohaku pattern of Hi and blue or black edging on just the red scales. This feature earned Koromo the title of ‘robed-koi’. A well balanced Kohaku pattern is ideal on a high quality koi fish for sale of this variety.
Koromo literally means ‘robed’ in Japanese. Koromo are said to have been produced by crossing Kohaku with Asagi. Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku and Showa Sanshoku, which have indigo tinge over-laying the red patterns, are called Ai-goromo (blue garment), Koromo Sanshoku, and Koromo Showa respectively.

Koromo usually have blue crescent markings on the edges of scales within the red patches. Koi with distinct, blue crescents arranged in an orderly manner are highly valued. High quality Koromo such as this are tastefully charming -- the kind favored by Koi experts. The blue color of Koromo seems to gradually grow darker as the Koi grow older.
Accordingly, the blue color of a seemingly right tone in small Koi often becomes too dark when the Koi grow big. Blue color showing the right tone on large Koi, were in many cases a light tone when the Koi were small. This fact, therefore, should be taken into careful consideration when buying Koromo.  

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