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Hikari Muji

Hikari Muji Koi (he-kah-rē  moo-jē)

Metallic Single Colored Koi

The Ogon koi compete in Hikari Muji class at koi shows. This class includes all single colored Koi with shiny skin, but devoid of any additional markings.  Platinum Ogon have solid white metallic skin. Yamabuki Ogon have solid yellow metallic skin, and the Orenji Ogon has solid orange metallic colored skin. 

The Kin Matsuba and Gin Matsuba are also members of the Hikari Muji class. Although, these koi fish have reticulation or dark pigment on the scale centers, along with solid colored metallic skin of the Ogon variety. Both are considered a single colored koi for judging purposes and are members of the Hikari Muji class regardless of the contrasting dark pigment on their scales. Their variety names literally mean glittering golden (kin) and glittering silver (gin) pinecones which appear as raised markings on a solid metallic ground. 

As the Ogon don't have any accompanying markings or pattern, the condition of its skin luster and the body conformation become essential points of appreciation for koi in Hikari-Muji class. Excellent luster is one which evenly covers the entire body and a full voluminous body is desired. Generally, Koi of Hikari-Muji group quickly become accustomed to humans and will easily train to accept food from its owner’s hand. With a hearty appetite, the Ogon can rapidly grow to a large size.  

Ogon are one of the most popular koi varieties due to their intense vibrant skin color and perceived skin texture. High quality Ogon koi with solid brightly colored metallic skin are always very eye-catching. A water garden or Japanese koi pond appears incomplete without at least one Ogon koi fish residing there. Kloubec Koi Farm breeds Japanese koi and Butterfly koi fish of the Hikari Muji class. 

yamabukisub.jpg                            nezuogonsub.jpg                           orenjiogonsub.jpg       


platinumsub.jpg                            ginmatsuba.jpg 




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