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Our family-owned farm boasts decades of experience in breeding and raising exceptional white koi. We are passionate about providing you with healthy and thriving fish. Prioritizing strict health protocols at every stage of development, our team ensures your white koi arrive vibrant and disease-free.

Why Shop at Kloubec Koi Farm?

Our expert team meticulously inspect each white koi before it leaves our farm, so you can be confident you're receiving a healthy Koi Fish! Enjoy a seamless buying experience with secure and fast shipping options to deliver your white koi directly to your doorstep.


1.) What are some popular white koi varieties? 

  • Shiro Bekko: Bold black-on-white, energetic swimmers, lucky charm (in some cultures).
  • Snow Muji: Flawless white, serene beauty.
  • Doitsu Shiro Utsuri: Mostly white with large black patches, majestic and regal.

2.) How do I care for white koi fish?

  • Clean Water: Regularly test & adjust, strong filtration, frequent water changes.
  • Balanced Diet: Variety of koi food (pellets, flakes), vegetables (blanched).
  • Spacious Pond: 1000 gallons for the first koi, 500 gallons for each additional (minimum).
  • Peaceful Environment: Avoid overcrowding, provide shade for hot sun.

3.) What are the benefits of having white koi in my pond? 

  • Stress Reduction: Calming presence, serene movements.
  • Stunning Beauty: Pearlescent white adds elegance to your pond.
  • Pond Ecosystem Boost: Consume algae and insects, help keep pond clean.

4.) How can I tell if my white koi is healthy? 

  • Active and Alert: They should be swimming actively and showing interest in their surroundings.
  • Appetite: Healthy koi will have a good appetite and readily accept food.
  • Clear Eyes and Gills: Clear eyes and bright red gills indicate good oxygen flow and overall health.
  • Smooth Skin: Their skin should be smooth and free of blemishes or parasites.

5.) Where can I find more information about white koi care?

  • We recommend exploring the Kloubec Koi Farm YouTube Channel! Our team at Kloubec Koi Farm is also happy to answer your questions and provide guidance on caring for your white koi.


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