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The Best Koi Come From Kloubec
It’s a fact. We want to be your supplier of beautiful, healthy Koi. Offer pets to your customers from the breeder who stands behind every sale

History And Experience
At Kloubec Koi Farm we are a real family-owned business with over 40 years of aquaculture experience.

Year-round Availability
After experiencing a devastating hail storm followed by a destructive Derecho, (hurricane on land) in 2020, we’ve built-back-better over the past 2 years, and even expanded! With our 3rd indoor facility, we have nearly one acre under-roof for producing the best koi in America; even offering Year-Round availability.

Japanese Bloodlines
All Kloubec Koi are produced from hand-selected parent Koi from Japan. We raise the common varieties as well as many of the unique and unusual varieties. Our customers enjoy receiving a good mixture of varieties in every shipment.

Brilliant Colors And Patterns
Outstanding bloodlines coupled with the best health care program and facilities of any koi breeder, ensures that Kloubec Koi deliver an exceptional value to you and your pond customers.  Platinum Koi Cuisine brings out the beauty in every koi.

Koi Health Our Top Priority
Over 300,000 gallons indoors, including meticulously controlled filtration and water quality, provides the perfect environment for optimum koi health.  All koi are hatched on-site from Japanese parent koi. They are fed our proprietary koi diet, Platinum Koi Cuisine containing probiotic PrimaLac and superfood Spirulina for better digestion and energy conversion. Our farm policy is to randomly test our stock during the year through qualified and certified laboratories. Kloubec Koi Farm has NEVER had an outbreak of KHV or SVC, and we maintain our excellent record by implementing strict health regime and practices before our Koi go onto the market. You will receive live and healthy Koi from Kloubec Koi Farm!

Benefits Of The Iowa Farm
With 80 acres of mud-ponds in the heart of the Midwest, Kloubec Koi are winter hardy, ideal for any climate. Our State-of-the-Art quarantine facility ensures that customers receive Koi that are free of parasites, and acclimated to a retail tank environment. Our indoor hatchery allows us to produce koi each year through a comprehensive artificial breeding program. On average over 15 million koi fry are hatched every year. Our unique harvest techniques minimize stress and damage to koi during transport into the greenhouses.

Our exclusive UPS shipping rates actually save dealers time and money. Deep discounts for 4 or more box orders. Shipments generally arrive at your store by 10:30 AM. The shipments are packaged late in the evening and arrive in the morning, during the coolest part of the day.

Top-Notch Customer Care
To meet our high-quality standards and your expectations, every order is hand selected.  We care about your koi needs, and are always happy to help. The Kloubec family is thrilled to provide your store with beautiful, healthy and hardy Koi that are born in the USA!

For More Information please email or call 319-846-2077



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