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Kohaku Koi

Kohaku Koi (cō-hah-kū) 


Kohaku may be the most recognized variety of koi fish found in Japanese koi ponds. When you search for quality koi for sale, look for Kohaku koi that have pleasing and interesting hi pattern elements.  As a breeder of Japanese koi fish, Kloubec Koi Farm produces Kohaku, Doitsu Kohaku and Kohaku butterfly koi.  

The Kohaku is the most popular variety of Nishikigoi, (Koi) due to its simplicity and elegance. So much so that there is an expression, "Koi avocation begins and ends with Kohaku." It is also the most abstruse. There are various tones of "red" (hē) color - red with thick crimson, light red, highly homogeneous red, blurred red, and so on. And there are all sorts of "Kiwa (the edge of the pattern)" -scale-wide Kiwa, razor-sharp Kiwa, and Kiwa resembling the edge of a torn blanket, etc. Shades of Shiroji, white ground (skin), are quite diversified too -- skin with soft shade of fresh-unshelled, hardboiled egg, skin with hard shade of porcelain, yellowish skin, and so forth. 

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