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Kin Gin Rin

Sparkling Scales

Koi with shiny golden or silvery scales are called "Kinginrin." Shining white scales are referred to as "Ginrin," and appear silver. Shining scales within red markings as "Kinrin" appear gold.  Ginrin are further classified by their appearance into Tama (ge)-gin, Pearl-ginrin and Diamond-ginrin, etc. Diamond-Ginrin shines most brilliantly among all Ginrin, and seem to appear distinctly all over the body. Kinginrin have been bred into almost all varieties of Nishikigoi.

However, Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, Showa Sanshoku and Hikarimono, etc. with Ginrin seem to rank high in viewing value, as may be expected. The point for appreciation is of course the intensity of the Ginrin's glitter. Koi with distinct Ginrin from the shoulder to the tail are highly valued.


Scale Variations

Kinginrin (keen-geen-deen)-highly reflective sparkly scales

  1. Kado Ginrin: edges of scales only
  2. Pearl Ginrin: circular ginrin in center of scales
  3. Diamond Ginrin: brilliant scales which sparkle like diamond facets
  4. Beta Ginrin: entire surface of the scales sparkle




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