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Pond Packs

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Kloubec Pond Packs are groups of Koi for sale. Each Pond Pack contains multiple fish, shown in parenthesis. Every Pond Pack is an individual listing for sale; NOT a representative sample.

You will receive the actual fish in the photograph.

Each Pond Pack is hand-selected into nice assortments; all koi compliment the others in the group and together are very pleasing to the eye. We've taken the guess-work out of building a Koi collection. Pond Packs make it easy for you to see many different varieties together and simply choose a group that appeals to you.  Generally, our Pond Packs contain popular varieties such as; Sanke, Showa, Asagi, Kumonryu and others. Pond Packs are available in standard fin type and Butterfly, or Long fin type. Every Pond Pack is unique.

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