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Koi Terms

 Wagoi-fully scaled Koi

—Doitsu -partially scaled Koi

 —Leather-small scales along the dorsal (top)  and none on the lateral line (sides)

—Mirror- large scales along the dorsal and  lateral lines

—Yoroi/Ishigaki-partially scaled other than along dorsal and lateral lines 

Aka (ah-kah) Red as a base color
Beni (ben-ē) Orange-Red usually as a base color
Hi (hē) Red markings
Ai (eye) Blue
Cha (chah) Brown
Ki (key) Yellow
Yamabuki (yah-mah-boo-key) Yellow
Shiro (sheer-row) White
Sumi (sue-mē) Black markings
Karasu (car-ah-sue) Black as a base color

Koi Varieties

Kohaku (cō-hah-kū) White Koi with bold Red patches
Sanke (sawn-kay) White Koi with Red patches and Black spots
Showa (shō-wah) Black, Red, and White Koi
Utsuri (oot-sir-ē) Black Koi with White, Red, or Yellow markings
Bekko (beh-koh) White Koi with Black spots
Asagi (ah-saw-gē) Light blue or grey scaled Koi with Red accents
Shusui (shoe-sw-ē) Light Blue scale-less Koi with Red accents
Goshiki (go-she-key) White Koi with Red markings and Grey reticulation on scales
Koromo (koh-row-moh) White Koi with Red pattern and Blue or Black edges on scales
Hikari Muji (he-kah-rēmoo-jē) Solid colored metallic Koi
Hikari Utsuri (he-kah-rēoot-sir-ē) Metallic Utsuri and Showa Koi
Hikari Moyo (he-kah-ree moy-oh) Metallic Koi with pattern
Kawarigoi (kah-wah-rēgoi) Non-metallic Koi

Scale Variations

  1. Kado Ginrin: edges of scales only
  2. Pearl Ginrin: circular ginrin in center of scales
  3. Diamond Ginrin: brilliant scales which sparkle like diamond facets
  4. Beta Ginrin: entire surface of the scales sparkle
  5. Kinginrin (keen-geen-deen)-highly reflective sparkly scales






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