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Butterfly Koi For Sale

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Kloubec Koi Farm is a breeder of Butterfly koi as well as straight fin koi. All of our Butterfly parent stock are of Japanese lineage obtained from famous Japanese koi breeders Suda, Yamasan, and others. Butterfly koi fish are produced in many varieties including Sanke, Kohaku, Yamabuki Ogon, Showa, Kumonryu, Ochiba Shigure and more. We continuously strive to produce the best butterfly koi for sale with fins that are graceful and that are in accordance with the AKCA judging standards for Longfin koi. (Read more about the judging standards for Butterfly koi here)   

Butterfly Koi are known for their elongated fins.  Developed in the mid-21st century as a result of Japanese koi breeders’ efforts to improve the hardiness of traditional koi, they combined wild Indonesian Longfin river carp with their traditional koi. Not only was the outcome a hardier fish, it surprisingly featured longer fins and barbels, as well as exaggerated nostrils. Their decorative pompom nostrils are called narial bouquets. 

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Koi Fish FAQ

How big of a tank do butterfly koi need?

Butterfly koi are pond fish, and not easily adapted to aquarium habitats. However, if pristine water quality is maintained with filtration, some success may be achieved. When considering buying a butterfly koi for sale, it’s important to know how big of a tank you need. Butterfly Koi can quickly outgrow a small tank due to their rapid growth. A single koi fish could require 50 gallons or more of water. Butterfly Koi, on average, need anywhere between a 50 to 100-gallon tank for a fully grown koi, which is usually 10 inches or more, to live comfortably.


Do butterfly koi get as big as regular koi?

There are quite a few distinctions between butterfly koi and regular koi, but growth rate is not. Butterfly koi can grow as large as regular koi. One of the main differences between a butterfly koi and a regular koi is that the butterfly koi have long flowing fins and tail. The tail and fins continue to get longer as the butterfly koi gets older. With an extended tail length butterfly may appear larger than regular koi. Furthermore, the barbels (whiskers) around the mouths of butterfly koi are also much longer than those of regular koi.


Are butterfly koi even considered koi?

There has been much controversy about whether butterfly koi are even considered koi fish at all. Most of the large koi fish competitions excluded butterfly koi until the rules changed in 2015 and they were allowed to compete in an exclusive butterfly classification. Koi fish are believed to be descendants of the carp and are even considered a subspecies. Due to the lack of factual knowledge surrounding their ancestors, butterfly koi are widely accepted as koi fish.


What is the lifespan of a butterfly koi?

The average lifespan of a butterfly koi fish is anywhere between 25-30 years when cared for in proper conditions. This being, water quality, filtration, dietary requirements, oxygen, ammonia etc. that are directly related to a butterfly koi lifespan.


What fish can live with butterfly koi?

There are a variety of fish that are able to live with butterfly koi. These include koi, pond goldfish, barbels, barbs, catfish, golden orfe, tench, and pleco. These fish get along well together, and can live together in the same environment without issue.



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