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German Linage / German Scaled

 Doitsu lineage does not mean Nishikigoi bred in Germany, but rather those Japanese Koi crossbred with black carp imported originally for food from Germany. They differ from ordinary ‘Wagoi’ (scaled Japanese Koi) in scale arrangement.

Doitsu Koi with a line of scales on the back and along the lateral lines are called "Kagami-goi” (mirror carp), and those without scales or with only one line of scales on each side along the base of the dorsal fin, "Kawas-goi” (leather carp). Nowadays, Doitsu Koi are crossbred into almost all varieties of Nishikigoi. Doitsu Koi are to be viewed for the orderliness of scale arrangement and the absence of unnecessary scales. Each Koi should have the features characteristic of its own original variety, of course. 



v        Leather-small scales along the dorsal (top)  and none on the lateral line (sides)

v        Mirror- large scales along the dorsal and  lateral lines

v        Yoroi/Ishigaki-partially scaled other than along dorsal and lateral lines




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