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​Arctic Blend is Your Best Option for Ensuring Good Water Quality All Winter!

​Arctic Blend is Your Best Option for Ensuring Good Water Quality All Winter!

Many pond owners and koi keepers struggle with water quality and the winter months are no exception. During those dark cold months when your water pets are resting peacefully their environment may be posing additional stressors as water quality degrades and encouraging the possibility of springtime health issues.

Arctic Blend prevents poor water conditions during the cold months when most nitrifying bacteria are dormant or have died off. It is made up of microbes that are harvested from frigid waters of the Antarctic and Arctic oceans. These unique microbes make their own anti-freeze which allows them to perform in cold pond water temperatures, al low as 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit!

Just what does Arctic Blend do?

  • Removes deadly Ionized Ammonia and toxic Un-Ionized Ammonia from your pond water
  • Removes toxic nitrites and nitrates
  • Works in very cold water (35-50 degrees F)
  • Reduces and digests bottom sludge all winter
  • Helps maintain koi’s healthy immune system
  • Arctic Blend will not deplete the oxygen level in your pond water
  • Reduces spring clean up

Arctic Blend is 100% natural, NO CHEMICALS, safe for pets and wildlife

By using Arctic Blend you can continue to remove ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, phosphorus and bottom sludge all winter long. Just one easy treatment every other week and your fish pond and koi fish will be in perfect condition in the spring! Start using Arctic Blend today. Your fish will thank you!   Click Here to Purchase and use code Arctic for 10% off