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What is a Pond Pack? What is a Bulk Pack? And How Do They Differ?

What is a Pond Pack? What is a Bulk Pack? And How Do They Differ?

For years I’ve been helping koi enthusiasts find the perfect koi for their pond, or that special fish to add to a koi collection. I enjoy this, whether at koi shows or viewing koi in our online store.

For some individuals, choosing the right koi can be an overwhelming task. Many times, the customer just can’t make up their mind and determining which koi go together can seem confusing.

So, to simplify the process, ease the tension, and make koi buying an enjoyable experience, we offer two options on our website; Pond Packs and Choice Mix Bulk.

Typical Hand Selected Pond Packs

What is a Pond Pack?

A Pond Pack is a GROUP of koi that are available to purchase on our website. Each Pond Pack is a group of koi that have been hand-selected, are pleasing to the eye, and accentuate each other. We take the guess work out of the koi selection process. When you purchase a Pond Pack from the Kloubec Koi Farm website it is What You See is What You Get. You will receive the actual koi in the listing photograph.

How are Pond Packs Selected?

Many steps are taken to bring high quality and beautiful Pond Packs to our website. Before being offered for sale, every Pond Pack goes through an extensive and meticulous selection process.

A Pond Pack starts with one beautiful and healthy koi from our extensive stock. It is measured and the size is recorded, then it is placed into a viewing bowl of water. Next, another koi of similar size is added to the bowl. The koi are viewed together and evaluated. Then more koi are gradually added to the bowl, and evaluated after each addition. Sometimes one koi is removed and replaced with a different variety. This goes on until a pleasant visual effect is achieved and the desired quantity is reached. Once the group is finalized it will move into our photo lab. A group photograph is taken and the image number recorded. Following this process, the group is transferred into an individually numbered holding tank. The tank number is also recorded. Next, a unique SKU number is assigned to the group. The SKU number is their digital photo number and tank number. Finally, an internet listing is built and a Pond Pack is created for you to see and enjoy in our online store. Each Pond Pack is an individual and unique item for sale; no two Pond Packs are alike.

What is a Choice Mix Bulk Pack?

Kloubec Choice Mix Bulk Packs are available on our website, also. They are a great solution for pond owners that want to purchase large quantities of koi, or do not wish to choose their koi by photograph. The Choice Mix Bulk Pack is a terrific option for individuals who are looking for pretty and healthy koi, want a good mix of colors or varieties, and are willing to allow our staff the freedom to choose koi for them. Our customers really enjoy the anticipation of receiving a Choice Mix Bulk Pack and opening it to see what is inside; just like receiving a gift!

The Choice Mix Bulk Packs are offered in multiple sizes and case quantities. They are also hand-selected koi though neither photographed nor listed individually. Each Choice Mix Bulk Pack is selected on the shipping day from our healthy and beautiful koi stock. We ensure that each Bulk Pack is a nice mix of the koi varieties currently available. The photograph in the online item listing is a representative photo; it is an example of the varieties one may receive when ordering a Choice Mix Bulk Pack.

Choice Mix Bulk Pack - Sizes and Quantities

We offer Choice Mix Bulk Packs on the website in two sizes; 4”-6” or 6”-8”. These are very popular koi sizes and the most requested by our customers. Koi are measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, and you will receive an assortment of sizes within the range specified.

The Choice Mix Bulk Packs come by the case. You can order a full case of 20 koi, a half case which is 10 koi, and a quarter case contains 5 koi.

How are Pond Packs and Choice Mix Bulk Packs similar and how are they different?

Pond Packs and Choice Mix Bulk Packs both contain beautiful and healthy koi that were raised at the Kloubec Koi Farm. However, only the Pond Packs are photographed. They are sold only in quantities as shown in the photo. So Pond Packs are the actual koi that you will receive. The Choice Mix Bulk Packs are NOT photographed. They are available in your choice of quantity, 20, 10 or 5 koi. Every Choice Mix Bulk Pack will be an assortment of varieties and colorful koi.

Pond Pack Choice Mix Bulk Pack
  • Beautiful and healthy koi
  • Beautiful and healthy koi
    • Limited availability
  • Unlimited quantities available
    • Variable sizes
  • Specified sizes
    • Variable quantities per pack
  • Predetermined pack quantities; 20, 10, 5
    • Photographed
  • Not photographed
    • Actual koi received
  • Mixed selection received

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