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My Koi Are Hungry - Feeding Koi Food after a long winter

My Koi Are Hungry - Feeding Koi Food after a long winter

My Koi Are Hungry!

Of course they are……. they’re Koi.

We are all very happy to see our much-loved pets after a long winters’ nap, especially if your Koi have spent the winter months in their outdoor pond environment. But, don’t get too anxious and feed too aggressively. It’s best to take it slow when feeding Koi in the spring. Remember that after the long fasting period your fish’s digestive system needs some time to wake up. Fish are cold-blooded which means that their body is the same temperature as the pond water that they are living in. Just because the thermometer hits 50 degrees outside, this does not mean the pond water is 50 degrees, too. You should have a reliable pond thermometer on hand for accuracy, and for your Koi’s health.

Watch your fish’s activity. A good indication that it is too cold to feed is if the Koi are still sluggish or huddling on the pond bottom, or in a Koi cave. Don’t try and coax them to come out. Your fish will perk up as soon as the water temperatures rise and soon they will be glad to hear your footsteps approaching the water’s edge.

Platinum Koi Cuisine Cool Weather Feed

Our Wheat based formula / low protein 31% 

You can begin feeding a low protein, wheat germ based Koi food when the water temperature reaches 55° degrees Fahrenheit. Kloubec Koi Platinum Koi Cuisine for Cool Weather is formulated for feeding when temperatures are between 50°F and 65°F. Cool Weather Koi Cuisine should be offered during the warmest part of the day. This practice ensures plenty of time for the Koi to digest properly before lower nighttime temperatures approach. Their digestion will slow down with lower water temperatures. You should also be conscientious of local weather forecasts and adjust your feeding routine accordingly. Remember that during the cool spring months giving too little food is safer than giving too much.   Click Here to  Buy Cool Weather Koi Food

Platinum Koi Cuisine

Our High Protein / Color Enhancing Koi Food

A transition to high protein color enhanced feed is acceptable when the water temperature stabilizes at 60°F. Begin by mixing Platinum Koi Cuisine and Cool Weather Koi Cuisine together in equal parts. Feed as usual. In approximately one week your Koi should be able to consume and digest high protein food exclusively. Feed Platinum Koi Cuisine up to 4 times each day for maximum growth potential during this phase. Your Koi will grow the fastest and be most active during this time of year and temperature range. Continue to monitor fish activity and reduce or stop feeding entirely if Koi become uninterested in food or you detect any highly unusual behavior. This may be a sign of low oxygen or other pond issues. Feeding routine may resume once normal fish behavior returns to normal. Feeding should be scaled back when water temperatures rise above 85°F. Actually, your Koi’s appetite may be reduced in very high water temperatures. This is the most critical time to monitor oxygen levels in the pond environment. Do not feed in situations of very low oxygen.

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Koi Food Feeding Temps