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Industry Notice on KHV: The Threat from Israeli Koi

Industry Notice on KHV: The Threat from Israeli Koi

Israeli Koi transmitted KHV! The dreaded Koi disease KHV is making news again! This time it has hit British Columbia, Canada. The disease was brought in with live Koi imported from Israel.  In response to this terrible situation the Canadian government has put a halt to ALL imports of Koi from Israel until further notice.  

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Koi coming from Israel have been a threat to the hobby for quite some time. It has long been known that Israeli Koi  are carriers of KHV. Could the USA be at risk from imported Koi from Israel???

You can rest assured that Kloubec Koi are KHV free. We do not have, never had, and will not import any Koi from Israel. Our extensive stock undergoes voluntary testing for KHV and SVC at least (2) times every year by a nationally recognized fish diagnostic laboratory. We have maintained a 100% virus-free status for years and expect to keep that spot-less record going well into the future.