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2014 Koi Show News

2014 Koi Show News

Congratulations to our friends and customers who entered their Kloubec Koi in the Midwest Pond & Koi Society’s 22 nd Annual Koi Show. The show was held at the Darien SportsPlex, near Chicago on July 11-13, 2014. THREE Major Trophies and seven First Place awards were received by hobbyists who entered their Kloubec Koi, as well as many ribbons.

Ray and Charlene Cebulski entered their Kloubec Sanke that they purchased two years ago from the Kloubec Koi Farm. Their Sanke has grown into a Size 4 beauty in their pond, and took the “Best in Variety-Sanke” honor. This particular Sanke has ideal characteristics of a prize winning Sanke. Along with a perfect body shape it has a clean white Shiroji base and beautiful soft Beni pattern. The Sumi markings are spaced perfectly throughout, including a large shoulder pattern. The Cebulski’s Sanke competed against 17 Sankes and was one of two Sankes to earn a major category and trophy. In fact, the only other Sanke to win ‘hardware’ was the Supreme Grand Champion!! Congratulations Char and Ray on your beautiful Best in Variety Sanke! We are excited to watch this kois progress and follow her show career!

Also at the MPKS Show, Joe Cook earned the “Best in Variety-Hikari Muji” trophy with his bright yellow Yamabuki Ogon that he purchased from Kloubec Koi Farm. Joe has been growing this fish for several years and the koi is now a Size 4. Great job, Joe! Additionally, Kathleen Simms won the “Best in Variety-Longfin” category by entering a stunning Hikari-Moyo Butterfly from the Kloubec show booth. Way to go!!!

Awards Won by Kloubec Koi at the

Midwest Pond & Koi Society 22nd Annual Koi Show

July [email protected] Darien, Illinois

Major Awards: Variety Size Owner
Best in Variety-Sanke Sanke 16-20” R&C Cebulski
Best in Variety- Hikari Muji Yamabuki Ogon 20-24” J Cook
Best in Variety-Longfin Butterfly 12-16” K Simms
First Place Awards:
Hikari Moyo Heisei Nishiki Size 1 S Schadewaldt
Kawarigoi Kikokuryu Size 1 J Hall
Showa Showa Size 2 S Schadewaldt
Kohaku Kohaku Size 3 Korf/Carter
Sanke Sanke Size 3 M Siegner
Kawarigoi Aka Matsuba Size 4 R&C Cebulski
Kinginrin “A” Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri Size 6 R&C Cebulski

In other recent koi show news, Bill Doyle earned a “Baby Grand Champion-A” trophy with a stunning Momotaro Bloodline Showa from Kloubec Koi Farm during the 13 th Annual Northern Midwest ZNA Koi Show and Pond Expo! The show was held near Indianapolis, Indiana on June 7&8, 2014 at the Carmel Civic Center. I’m sure we will be seeing Bill’s extraordinary Showa at koi shows in the future. Other winners are as follows:

Major Awards: Variety Size Owner
Baby Grand Champion “A” Showa 8-12” Bill Doyle
First Place Awards:
Hikari Muji Platinum Ogon Size 1 K&K Neuhalfen
Kawarigoi Beni Kumonryu Size 1 K&K Neuhalfen
Tancho Tancho Sanke Size 2 J Cook
Sanke Sanke Size 4 J Cook
Utsuri Shiro Utsuri Size 5 J Cook

More 2014 Koi Show Results:

During the 19 th Annual Koi & Goldfish by the Greater Louisville Koi Society many Kloubec Koi were entered and THREE Major Awards were received. Rhonda Mucerino won the “Best In Size 2” with a charming Showa, and Karen Neuhalfen took the “Best In Variety-Hikari Muji” with a brilliant Size 2 Platinum Ogon, both bred and raised on the Kloubec Koi Farm.

Major Awards: Variety Size Owner
Best In Size-2 Showa 8-12” R Mucerino
Best In Variety- Hikari Muji Platinum Ogon 8-12” K Neuhalfen
Best In Variety-Longfin Gin Rin Goromo Butterfly 12-16” R Starcher
First Place Awards:
Kohaku Kohaku Size 1 D Davis
Sanke Tancho Sanke Size 1 D Torok
Kawarimono Beni Kumonryu Size 1 D Torok
Hikari Moyo Heisei Nishiki Size 1 R Starcher
Asagi/Shusui Shusui Size 2 F Cook
Kawarimono Doitsu Ochiba Shigure Size 2 V Knill
Hikari Moyo Doitsu Kujaku Size 2 S Coleman
Sanke Sanke Size 4 B Doyle

Congratulations to all hobbyists who entered their Kloubec Koi into local koi club shows. These results are proof that high-quality show grade koi are being produced right here in the USA! We appreciate the opportunity to be your koi supplier and are honored to share in your success!

~The Staff at Kloubec Koi Farm