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​Kujaku Koi Variety

​Kujaku Koi Variety

Kujaku koi are members of the Hikari Moyo class. That means Kujaku are a fully-scaled, metallic fish with more than one color. They have a Platinum base color and a secondary color that forms a pattern. The second color can range from red, to orange or yellow. The scales have dark pigment in the center of the scales. This trait is known as “pinecone”. Kujaku koi fish are also bred with Doitsu scales, and with longfins; Butterfly.

What To Look For

When choosing a Kujaku look for a clean color with lots of shine (Hikari) over the entire body. Iridescent shine is most eye catching on the head and dorsal-line or spine.

Any koi fish selected should have a pattern that is pleasing to you. Look for dark pigment on the scales. Tradition states that Kujaku head or face should be mostly free of secondary color. However, more and more show-winning Kujaku display interesting head patterns of color. Fins generally are white, same as the base color, and may have minimal secondary pigment, especially on the outer edge.