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Looking for the perfect addition to your pond? Look no further than Kloubec Koi Farm, where we pride ourselves on being a premier breeder of stunning black and white koi fish. We go above and beyond to ensure that each and every one of our fish is in top health, with every single one undergoing a thorough health check before heading to its new home. Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we guarantee that each fish will arrive in the best shape possible, ready to be enjoyed. Trust us to bring some beautiful, healthy color to your aquatic ecosystem.

When you think about koi fish, the first thought that pops into your head is most likely vibrant orange colors. However, black and white koi fish are just as elegant and are very unique. Although not as common as their vibrant orange counterparts, black and white koi fish are extremely popular among koi enthusiasts. When you’re looking for koi online, you can trust Kloubec Koi every time!


  • What is a black and white koi called? 

    There are many varieties of Koi fish that are black and white. One black and white koi fish is known as a Bekko, (Shiro Bekko). When you are looking for black and white koi fish for sale, you will likely discover the Bekko, which is bred from the Taisho Sanke koi. Unlike most koi fish, black and white koi do not have vibrant markings or any other color.

  •  What is the rarest koi fish color?

    The rarest koi fish color is found on the Ki Utsuri variety. The Ki Utsuri has a unique blend of colors, including yellow patterns over a lacquered black body. These are some of the most sought-after koi fish, as they are one of the most unique types of koi available for purchase.
  • Are black koi fish good luck?

    Black koi fish are known to be good luck in Japan. They are believed to evoke prosperity and good fortune. The black koi fish are believed to absorb all the bad energy in the koi pond, leaving only positive and good fortune behind.
  • Why is my black koi turning white?

    A black koi that turns white can be attributed to several causes. One factor is poor water quality or low oxygen. Koi will turn pale in poor conditions. Another is the variety type may be one that develops patterns over time producing a multi-colored koi. A third is the koi’s lineage.

  • How many koi should be kept together?

    When planning out the environment for your koi fish, you should ensure that you have at least 250 gallons of water per koi fish. You can keep many koi together as long as the pond water quality is maintained to sustain them. Upkeep of your koi pond water is critical, and you should have a regular maintenance regime to ensure the water quality and the health of your fish.

  • Should koi fish be in pairs?

    In most cases, it’s important to have several koi in your habitat. As a communal species, koi prefer to stay in schools, and don’t do well when isolated. Schools of two could work, although three or more is recommended.


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