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Canada Shipping


Effective February 4th 2013, all shipments containing Koi Fish will require a Health Certificate and Import permit.  In order for Kloubec Koi Farm to continue providing great service to customers in Canada there are several steps and requirements that need to be followed so that we can offer the same flawless delivery service that we have in the past. 

Shipping Charges 

We will try to keep shipping charges as low as possible, and in some cases actually less than what we are paying.  Knowing this we ask that you try and have a minimum order of $399, to maximize your value as well as minimize our costs.  These charges may change without notice. 

>>> Shipping Fee to Canada: $125 US Dollars 

Handling Fees 

All shipments of Koi to Canada require 2 items in order to ensure a flawless shipment.  These items incur additional cost to Kloubec Koi Farm, which we will pass on to you the customer, but at a lower rate than what we are actually paying.  The information on these 2 items is below: 

1.)  Import Permit:  All Koi shipments require an import permit that needs to be requested by you the buyer.  Please follow  this link - IMPORT PERMIT to get the information on completing the import permit. 

2.)  APHIS Certification:  All Koi shipments to Canada now require an APHIS certification, which we will get for you.  This requires Kloubec Koi Farm to have a Koi Certification completed by a local veternarian, as well as sending   and receiving documents with local government agencies.  ** We incur additional costs on your behalf in shipping, certificate fees, and veternarian costs.

 >>> Handling Fee to Canada:  $50 US Dollars


* Handling fee will be added to cart at checkout