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Feed Your Koi Like Family

Feed Your Koi Like Family

Koi are extraordinarily colorful fish by nature. Giving them the correct food serves several purposes, from supplying them with bright, gemlike colors to making them healthy and it even will help you to achieve cleaner water in your koi pond.

What do Koi Need in Their Diet?

When you feed your koi quality food, it contains all the important essentials that they need to grow and function for many years to come. Superior food has essential nutrients and vitamins for the healthiest fish. Additionally, the balanced foods give your koi a steady source of carbohydrates, minerals as well as protein. All of these items cause them to grow bigger and more vibrant as well.

Quality food makes your koi enthusiastic when it comes to feeding time because it has a more palatable flavor that they love. Koi generally swim to the surface to eat, giving you a great display of your finned family members at the same time as their feeding.

What are The Best Koi Foods for Growth and Color?

There are many types of koi food on the market that are readily available; however, none of them had the balance, nutrients and minerals to our satisfaction. We had a koi food specially developed to include all the important elements that your koi need.

Platinum Koi Cuisine is the best koi food on the market. It is perfect for all koi as it contains the correct portions of vitamins and minerals, color enhancers and a probiotic to give your fish a long and healthy life while beautifying your pond or fish tank with a burst of color. The probiotic aids in digestion and also increases immune resistance to ulcerative disease. This formula gives your koi 37 percent crude protein, 5 percent crude fat, 2 percent crude fiber, 1 percent phosphorus and 12 percent moisture for a perfectly balanced diet.

Kenzen Koi Food is another great alternative for feeding your fish a complete and balanced diet. It includes the most digestible proteins you can find to aid in your koi health. It also includes Bioceuticals for a great slime coat and to improve your koi's ability to fight parasites and diseases. Kenzen Koi Food is available in three different varieties--Breeder's ChoiceFloating Primary Diet and Sinking Primary Diet.

Ultra Balance Premium Koi Food is a great choice that gives your fish all the nutrients and vitamins needed and it includes a color enhancer to brighten your beauties. This food is all season and it provides nourishment for your fish at a great price.

How Much to Feed my Koi?

Overfeeding your koi can be a problem to your fish's health and it can also adversely affect the water quality in your pond or tank. Any food that is not eaten right away will sink to the bottom after it is saturated. Saturation will cause the extra food to pollute the water and cause the food to lose its nutritional value. Since koi usually eat at the top of the water's surface, the uneaten food will make your water cloudy and your koi will suffer the consequences. Feed your fish the ideal amount of food that they can consume in about 5 to 10 minutes to avoid overfeeding and waste.

When Should I Feed my Koi?

If your koi live outdoors in a pond, their dietary needs change with temperature changes. When temperatures are very cool, koi go into a semi-hibernation mode where they are not very active and this means they don't eat as much food. When temperatures rise, your koi will be much more active and therefore need additional food over the warm summer months. In warm temperatures over 70 degrees, feed your fish several times a day in smaller amounts for the best nutritional absorption. As the weather becomes cooler, feed them once a day. The best rule of thumb is to see if your fish are hungry by placing a small amount of food in their pond. If they surface readily and start eating, you can add a bit more that they will consume all at one time. Your koi are very intelligent and they can give you cues on how often they are hungry and need to be fed.

Can Koi Have "Treats?"

Yes, your koi can have occasional treats on top of a well-balanced food as their staple food. Koi love many things that can be given to them occasionally as a treat. A treat once a week or so, will definitely show your koi that you care about them like family.

Silk Worm Pupae

Koi love silk worm pupae - this is a delicacy and they really eat it up, just don't give it to them more than once a week or the protein can deposit ammonia in the water.


Cut a grapefruit in quarters and toss them in the pond. They float on top of the water and your koi will be instantly attracted to them. This treat once a week is great tasting and satisfying to your koi.


You can feed your koi oranges about once a week. They especially love the small mandarin oranges that are so sweet, but you can quarter a large orange for them too.


Koi will eat any type of worm you give them as long as it is fresh and active.

Treat Safety for Koi

No matter what you decide to feed your koi for a tasty treat or snack, make sure you wash the exterior of it thoroughly before giving it to them. Whether it is fruit or worms, rinse the treat off so as not to harm your fish or your pond water in any manner.

How Do I Store my Koi Food?

After you open your koi food, store it in a cool, dry area away from sunlight for the optimal storage solution. Higher temperatures, moisture and sunlight can compromise the ingredients in your koi food, making it less nutritional for your fish.

Following these guidelines will keep your koi healthy, happy and looking their best for many years of enjoyment.