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Buy and Hold Program

Buy and Hold Program


Beginning now thru April 1st we will hold any online Koi purchases over $399 in our new Koi Care Facility without a boarding fee!

New Koi will be photographed and listed on the website weekly starting on January 1 st. Be sure to check often for new listings!


1. Orders over $399 will still receive free shipping.

2. All orders must be shipped by April 15th; unless there are unforeseen circumstances, please call if something should arise; weather, etc.

3. Any Koi purchased will continue to be fed until shipped, so most likely these fish will grow!

4. Because we are holding these Koi in our facility for an extended period of time, we can not offer refunds.

5. Call Ellen at (319) 846-2077 to participate or if you have any questions.